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At Professional Hearing Centers, we have numerous tools and techniques that help us help you hear more clearly. Our patients quite often tell us that our testing is far more extensive than that they have received elsewhere. We feel that a thorough and complete evaluation is one of the first critical steps to the best solutions possible. There are a number of services we offer, but our favorite one is the exclusive Professional Hearing Healthcare Advantage (PHHA) Program© that was designed to give superior service for our patients while being solution driven. Here is a list of what is available through our exclusive program:

You'll no longer need to buy batteries, a recharger, or the rechargeable cells. We'll handle it!
Quarterly cleanings and adjustments, annual hearing aid evaluations, and annual hearing screenings at no additional charge (never any charges for office visits)
View your own ear canal and eardrum on-screen to rule out wax blockages or other visually detectable conditions
Inspect poorly performing hearing aids to see if they just need cleaning instead of an expensive repair or replacement
Have your hearing tested with the accuracy of computerized digitization and see on the monitor exactly how much hearing you have
See if your middle ear is moving freely without restriction from fluid, infection, blockage, suction, or a torn eardrum, which would necessitate a medical referral
See how much extra power your loss requires to amplify speech correctly and compare it to your current aids (settings); see live on the computer how your current aids are performing and verify proper fitting and adjustment
Hear for yourself how music, speech, and environmental signals sound to your loved one through their hearing loss and hear what they are missing; also allows patient with a hearing loss to experience how loud they are turning up the TV compared to their loved ones without a hearing loss
See what part of your loved ones’ voices you’re missing and what can be done to restore speech audibility; see how much of your voice your loved one is missing when you talk to them due to their hearing loss; see the level of hearing your current aids provide compared to the help that is available through today’s technology
See if your hearing aids are “plugging” your ears, causing unnecessary undue and undesirable “hollowness,” or “in-a-barrel” effect, which could then be minimized or eliminated
Optimize comfort from loud noises while boosting soft sounds by utilizing individualized loudness perception
Visually verify proper electronic performance, clarity (lack of distortion), and correct battery drain (life) of hearing aids in our hearing instrument test chambers
Loaner hearing aids available while your aid is repaired
Hearing aids under this program come with a minimum of 2 years of comprehensive parts and labor protection and one year of loss and damage warranty (25% deductible).

The Guarantee

In the state of Florida, the law requires patients to receive a 30-day money back guarantee if they are dissatisfied with their new devices. The dispenser is allowed to keep certain professional fees, but at Professional Hearing Centers, we feel that if we haven’t done an excellent job for our patients, and they are for any reason not satisfied, we refund 100% of their investment. It’s our “45-day 100% hearing satisfaction guaranteed or it won’t cost you a dime” program. We remove all of your risk in test driving new technology so you can experience, first-hand in your own environment, just how much we can help you hear and enjoy life more!

Ear Services

Ear Health

Our Audioprosthologist has been trained to recognize medical red flags or conditions that point to possible health issues with the ears. If there are indications of possible ear infections, fluid in the middle ear, dizziness issues, a blocked ear canal, a hole in the tympanic membrane, sudden onset hearing loss, fluid draining from the ear, or pain in the ear, a medical referral to a physician will be recommended to seek proper medical treatment.

It is important that any medical issues are resolved prior to having a hearing evaluation, both to protect the patient from possible danger due to ignoring a medical issue and obtain accurate results from which to base our recommendations. This approach is not only a safe approach, it's the law. Your safety is our primary care.


We offer the PHHA (Professional Hearing Healthcare Advantage) Program© for a full range of benefits for you, the patient. Under the PHHA Program©, there are a number of features that are great money-saving benefits.


One part of the program that our patients love is Free Batteries 4 Life Program©. They like not having to buy batteries or a recharger and the rechargeable cells that have to be replaced annually. Plus, when you stop in to restock on batteries, we will joyfully offer to clean your hearing aids, to keep them working in tip top shape!

Another feature of PHHA that patients really appreciate is never having to pay for retesting, reprogramming, or other services that other offices routinely charge for every time you visit their offices. One local office charges $150 per devices to reprogram aids that were bought in that office! We feel that when you trust us to take care of your hearing, we owe you the best service possible without nickeling and diming you each time you walk into the office.


Under the PHHA Program©, we also offer the Live Speech Advantage system. We use specialized equipment to measure, at the eardrum level, what the hearing aids are doing to help you hear your best. We are able to see potential problems such as not enough sound at particular levels or areas of potential feedback that need to be addressed for your listening comfort.


What should I expect during my appointment?

The first thing you will notice on entering our office is the smiling face of the Patient Care Coordinator. That is most like the friendly voice you heard when you called the office to schedule an appointment. If there is time between your call and your scheduled appointment, you will either receive a hard copy, or a pdf file, to review some of what you can anticipate during your first visit. She will ask you to share a minimal amount of information to better help our Audioprosthologist understand your personal situation better. The specialist will then invite you to his office to get to know you and become familiar with your hearing issues and needs. At Professional Hearing Centers, we believe that this is the first step in building an ongoing relationship, one centered upon helping the patient hear, and reconnecting with life!

Our Audioprosthologist will then explain the processes that will be used during the appointment, so you can feel more comfortable. He will guide you to be an integral part of that first visit. The audiogram, is explained in such a way that you yourself will be able to explain the results once it is complete. It is explained why you have certain hearing challenges, such as why you are having difficulty not only hearing, but understanding voices. This goes a long way to help you set realistic expectations and have a better idea of what can actually be done to help you with your hearing challenges.

Next, we will introduce you to the video-otoscope. This allows for tremendous magnification and clarity of the ear canal. We will explain what you can expect seeing in the ear, and then the scope is fed into the ear canal. Certain landmarks or abnormalities will be noted. If there is too much blockage in the ear canal, the patient will be referred to a physician for removal of excessive debris.

If the canal passes inspection, a tympanometer is used in order to quickly verify that there are not any medical issues behind the eardrum. A tympanometer is not required to be used in the hearing evaluation, but our Audioprosthologist can quickly assess any possible medical issues requiring a referral, and we feel it is more accurate than the old fashioned bone conduction test done by so many.

Next, you are guided into our sound room and the testing process is explained every step of the way. It is important that you understand what is expected of you during the testing in order to obtain the most reliable results. At this point testing is one with tones through inserts (instead of the older earphones), and various speech testing is done in order to determine the patient's ability to uses and understand speech clues. One very different test we perform that not many people use is testing to determine speech clarity when using both ears instead of just one ear. Often times there is a marked benefit to having speech amplified for both ears, and we don't want to deprive any one of the best hearing possible due to not taking the time to do that test. If the patient has brought a person with a familiar voice, we will often integrate that person into the test battery, to get a feel about how the person is functioning without amplification in real world applications.

If through our testing, we find that you have a loss that could be treated with hearing devices, you will get a demonstration. This is why it is so important to bring a friend or loved one with a familiar voice, so they can experience the difference. Once the devices are on, you will receive an explanation of the testing results and how they relate to your hearing. Every effort is made to help you understand your loss and how it impacts you.

Finally, we will talk about your options and what solutions may be right for you. Credit options can be explored, and insurance can be checked during the visit.

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