Revealing Information About Hearing Aids You Absolutely Need To Know

If your loved ones think you have a hearing loss, or you have noticed that you are struggling in conversations with your loved ones and friends, this report has valuable information that you need to know! Over 31.5 million Americans are experiencing hearing loss that causes social and personal grief.

You may ask why we are going to the time and expense to share this report with you, and the reasoning is simple. The more you know about your hearing, the better! If you have an understanding of your hearing loss, you can make better use of your time with our Audioprosthologist. After reading this report, you will be in a better position to make informed choices about your hearing healthcare. This will also allow you to ask our expert valuable questions, and better appreciate what we can do to improve your life through better hearing!

You may find that you need hearing devices if:

  • It’s hard for you to follow conversations in noise
  • You require repetition when people communicate with you
  • You get embarrassed around strangers when you can’t understand what they are saying
  • You are accused of “blasting the TV” by those around you
  • Arguments in your family are caused by misunderstood speech
  • You stop being involved socially because it is hard to communicate with others in active environments and you become embarrassed
  • Soft or high pitched voices are becoming more difficult to comprehend
  • You can often hear people, but they sound like they are mumbling
  • You find it helps to understand the speaker if you can see their face
  • Your loved ones feel rejected since you no longer talk with them
  • Your family feels something is wrong with your hearing


In the coming days we will be releasing some of the unethical techniques used to high pressure folks into buying hearing aids that you may or may not even need, just to make a sale. Watch this column and we will reveal some of the practices that are used to manipulate people to buying hearing aids, and sometimes lead people to believe they are getting top technology when all you may be getting is yesterday’s old news.

Your Audioprosthologist should be professional and up front, earning your trust when dealing with you. Enjoy reading this report and discovering information you absolutely need to know before investing in hearing aids.

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