Dirty Secrets of the Industry

This part of your report covers some of the unethical practices we have seen over the 34 years we have served Citrus County residents with their hearing aid needs. These are what I call the dirty secrets of the industry. We often see folks with hearing aids they simply can't use, due to an improper acoustic fitting, bad physical fit, or mismatching technology needs to the patient's lifestyle. We will share more of that later in the report.

Secret #1: "The Bait and Switch"


You have likely seen a full page ad with an incredibly low price for a hearing aid, perhaps as low as $495. The bait here is that what is being advertised is a CHEAP HEARING AID! You are excited by the price so you call and make an appointment so you can get your own "very inexpensive hearing aid."

You show up at the appointed time and are giving a hearing test. You are excited to see how this inexpensive hearing aid will help, but based on the results of your hearing evaluation, your hearing loss is "too severe" or wrong for your hearing loss. In fact, if you look at the ad again, you will likely see that in VERY SMALL PRINT there is a disclaimer that says the hearing aid mentioned is only good for a milder loss. The CHEAP HEARING AID will not help you, so the dispenser pulls out a top of the line hearing aid that is amazingly the perfect help for your loss, it is the best for you!

You are told that the very inexpensive hearing aid is like a cheap pocket radio, old fashioned technology and likely inadequate by today's standards.

Hearing devices should be physically fit to your ears, and programmed to your individual hearing loss. No two ears are physically the same and no two hearing losses are the same either. This is why it is so important to be properly fit by an Audioprosthologist. The old adage is still true, If it is too good to be true, it is probably really too good to be true)! Your hearing is far too valuable to trust to someone using misleading of deceptive tactics to pressure you into investing in cheap poor performing hearing devices!

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Discover some of the unethical practices we have seen while serving Citrus County residents with their hearing aid needs.

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