More Dirty Little Secrets of the Industry

Secret #2: "The Great Name Brand at an Unbelievable Low Price!"


This little secret is a variation of the Bait and Switch technique. In this case, the dispenser advertises name brand hearing aids at a low, low price. When a patient comes in for the sale offer, they will either be encouraged to get a better model of that brand of hearing aid, or perhaps even worse, they will be sold a lower quality device that the patient will never be happy using.

Sometimes manufacturers offer lower technology hearing aids so there is a cheap aid available. Usually the technology is several generations old and is lacking in the latest technological advances. If the patient only needs lower level technology hearing aids then the "Brand Name" aids may be sufficient, but that is rarely the case. If the needs are really low, and the technology is carefully explained to the patient, then this may be a good bargain, but I rarely find a patient that can really use the lower technology satisfactorily.

Patients come into our office complaining that they got brand name hearing aids but they hate the way they hear with them, especially in more difficult hearing environments. They know they need something better, but they are sure to point out that they do not want anything from Brand X, since either themselves, or a friend of theirs, found out that the cheap technology aids do not work.

The fact is that one can look at a $500 hearing aid, a $1,000 hearing aid, and a $3,000 hearing aid, and they all look the same. Realistically it is the technology "under the hood" that makes the crucial difference. A cheap hearing aid and a quality device may look exactly alike, but the performance level between can be totally different! The name alone on the hearing aids does not guarantee value and benefit. Make sure that you are not getting an expensive savings!

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Dirty Secrets of the Industry

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