Denny Dingler

Denny Dingler

Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist

Denny Dingler has been a Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist since 1983, and he opened P.H.C.'s office in May 1984 in the Inverness Regional Shopping Center. In 1988, Mr. Dingler and his wife purchased the practice and moved it to its current larger location at 211 S. Apopka Avenue in the fall of 1996. Denny is Board Certified by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instruments Studies and is an Audioprosthologist, a title that he received in 1997. He has served on various state and national committees in the hearing healthcare field over the years. He is a nationally recognized speaker and teacher in the industry and has published numerous articles and a textbook.

When the tiny CICs came on the market in 1993, Denny was one of the first in the nation to use the new devices and he was amazed by the difference they made. Then about 10 years ago, Denny realized that as good as his CICs were, they didn't help him hear better in noisy areas, and he switched to Receiver-In-The-Ear aids with directional microphones. This change was very helpful, and made a difference in the ease of hearing in noise. Since then, the technology has kept getting better and better.


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"This is the place to go if you have hearing needs. They are professional and very caring, and very thorough in telling you how to care for your new device. I thought at first that I was in a different world. I heard clocks ticking, my feet shuffling on carpet, and a lot of other noises that I never new before. Finally, I don't have to use the speaker on my cell phone, which pleases my children.

- G.D.

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Denny was originally led to the field of helping people hear better through an inspired moment at a traffic light. He was on his way home from applying for a position with a company when he had to stop for a red light. As he waited for the light to change he noticed a hearing aid office on one corner and remembered a conversation of several years earlier with his dad. His dad had called on the business, while representing a business lobbying group, and had an enlightening discussion with the then owner of the practice. While Denny’s dad was not personally inclined to learning that professional practice, he felt that it might one day be an opportunity for Denny to check once graduated from the University of Florida. The conversation came back to Denny’s mind, so he pulled into the practice and went in to talk about what opportunity there might be. This was the first of several steps that led Denny to joining the practice in 1983 and to start his apprenticeship in the hearing healthcare field.

He served those with hearing loss for about a year at the Leesburg location and, through a series of events, had the opportunity to take over the management of Professional Hearing Aid Center in Inverness, which later changed its name to the current Professional Hearing Centers. In 1988, Denny and Bonnie bought the practice from their mentor, Ken Orme.



Denny’s favorite part of helping people at PHC is seeing their eyes light up when he either puts demo units on for the patient to listen to, or when he fits folks with their own hearing devices and they realize how much clearer they are able to hear. He also cherishes hearing the stories from folks that he has helped when they tell him what a positive difference he has made in their lives. Best of all, he appreciates the many great relationships he has had the opportunity to form with his wonderful patients over the years!

As an Audioprosthologist, Denny has served on numerous state and national boards and committees. He is also internationally recognized as a speaker and teacher on hearing loss issues. One thing he has never forgotten is to be available to local groups desiring to have a speaker come and share insights about hearing loss. He does this not just from an educated background but also from the fact that he is himself profoundly hearing impaired from birth. He tries to bring a message that hearing loss does not have to stop folks from living a happy, productive life, as his own life reflects.

As well as being honored by Who’s Who several times, he has received recognition from within the industry for his efforts to serve organizations and hopefully through those actions, touch the lives of those with poor hearing. One recognition that really means a lot to him is the 2007 Hearing Review Professional Leadership award, given for his distinguished service in the areas of hearing healthcare education, certification, and advocacy. 



Denny is excited about the changes that he sees continuing to evolve in technology and the positive implications that newer research and development offers to help improve the lives of those whose hearing needs a boost. He attends numerous meetings each year in order to stay current with the newest technologies. While attending the meetings is time consuming, at PHC we believe that those unwilling to keep up with the evolution of our industry are the same ones that are doomed to fail to serve their patient’s hearing needs.



At Professional Hearing Centers, we understand the importance of listening to our patients’ concerns and frustrations with their hearing challenges. We carefully explore both the hearing challenges, and the patient expectations in order to better serve the patient's needs. With so many years of wearing hearing devices himself, our Audioprosthologist understands the value of clearly hearing what the patient is going through and offering solutions that can make a life changing difference.

Finally, when patients sit down with our Audioprosthologist to address their hearing needs, they are sitting down with the owner of the practice. As the famous president Harry Truman once said, "The buck stops here!" This means that if there are special considerations, or we need to step outside of the box, the practice owner is who the patient is working with to get their final answer. Since he has worn hearing aids for so many years, our owner is uniquely qualified to help the patient, especially with difficult cases.


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