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"I was very pleased and impressed with the service I was given. Not only was his knowledge and expertise regarding hearing aids above average, but he understood my spending limitations and did not try to give me a sales pitch for a higher price."

- R.G.

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COVID-19 Update:

In order to maintain social distancing and keeping both our patients and staff safe, we will be expanding our hours as of June 2nd as follows: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:30am till 12noon and 1pm till 4:30pm. We are requesting that you please wear a mask. If you need your aids cleaned or batteries you do not need an appointment. If you do need an appointment, please call 726-4327. No more than 3 people will be allowed in the waiting room at one time. Please Stay Safe.

Professional Hearing Centers was established in 1983. The original founder saw a need for hearing services in the Inverness area, as there was only one hearing aid office at that time, and there were numerous folks that were not getting the hearing help they deserved. While the practice functioned for a number of months in the Century 21 building, the plans were focused on being ready to move to the new Inverness Regional Shopping Center being built in town, and Professional Hearing Centers was one of the original tenants.

The practice eventually outgrew the office and in 1996 moved into the current location on South Apopka Avenue. This move allowed the practice to expand and offered safer and more convenient parking as well.

At Professional Hearing Centers, we have several factors that make working with us unique. First, every scheduled patient at Professional Hearing Centers is seen by our Audioprosthologist, Denny Dingler, who has worn hearing devices himself for over forty seven years! Simply stated, they see the same Audioprosthologist for every appointment, not just whoever happens to be in that day! That's important to our patients because they know that they are being seen by someone who has years of experience using the newest technology available. Denny started by wearing just one hearing aid as a teenager before the benefit of using devices in both ears was understood. At one point, he even had two hearing aids that were wired together across the back of his head!


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Revealing Information About Hearing Aids You Absolutely Need To Know

If your loved ones think you have a hearing loss, or you have noticed that you are struggling in conversations with your loved ones and friends, this report has valuable information that you need to know!


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What Makes Professional Hearing Centers Different?

One thing that makes Professional Hearing Centers different is a very personal experience with how hearing loss can impact people’s lives due to our owner’s profound deafness. As a child, hearing help was not available for his loss, and when he was finally able to get a hearing aid in his early teens, it made a profound difference in his life. The doors to the future were opened to him, and life has been full of new experiences since then. Because of our owner Denny’s loss, and the deep personal understanding of the challenges of having a hearing loss that it brings to him and his wife Bonnie, the practice is based on the concept of being patient centered and results oriented and finding ways to improve the lives of patients through better hearing.


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Community Involvement

Over the years, Professional Hearing Centers has been active in the community in a number of ways, in both business and ministry based organizations. PHC has supported various groups through volunteering time, serving in leadership, and investing in the future of our wonderful community. Owners Denny and Bonnie have both spent hours serving the needs in the community on the local level, helping in those areas where they saw needs to be met.

Denny also served at various times as the president of groups such as:

  • The Citrus County Chamber of Commerce
  • Eyeopeners Toastmasters
  • Gideons International
  • CMA River Riders
  • The Inverness Regional Merchants’ Association

He also pastored a church for three years and does pulpit supply as needed.

Featured Technology

Oticon Opn

Oticon’s latest device, the Opn™, is one of the best devices available. We're pleased to be able to offer this device to you! This groundbreaking hearing aid can give you better understanding of by:

  • Allowing for multiple speakers in noisy environments
  • Containing a revolutionary ultra-fast sound processing chip
  • Separating conversation from noise


Contact us to set up an appointment to learn more about this revolutionary hearing technology!


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